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Hand Washing Station (Farm)

Hand Washing Station (Farm)

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Providing a wash up station is a great way to encourage safer play in your outdoor spaces. Providing some water, soap and way to dry up- you will be able to dramatically increase the public health capacity of your recreational areas. 

The Handwashing Station kit comes with:

  • Header sign (48" x 6.5")
  • Song (18" x 24")
  • 20 second reminder (18" x 24")

Sizes are recommendations, but you can print any quantity, as large as you need. 

Full Service Downloads: Your downloads will be proofed first. You will have a chance to view, and make any edits required, before approving the files. Final production downloads are supplied in high resolution, with cut lines for CNC routers. Our team is available for support, if your local suppliers needs to discuss file requirements or production specs. More info on the process. 

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