MacArt Made Local

We are now offering all of our popular signs and DIY game designs as digital downloads, for local manufacturing. This helps our clients save on shipping and strengthen working relationships with neighbourhood suppliers that can turn around signs in a hurry. 

Full Service Download Guarantee:

Unlike other digital download options, ours come with the full support of our design and production team. MacArt's experienced service team is available to our clients, and their manufacturing partners for any questions, or technical troubleshooting.  Designs for Download come with a direct line to human support-  It's our full service guarantee :)

Steps for local production success:

  1. Order your fav MacArt designs online
  2. Licence customized files for your farm
  3. Proof your designs with your logo/brand in place
  4. Download high res. files with vector cutlines
  5. Produce on any material, and at any size with your local supplier
  6. Count on continued service, and unlimited supplier support

Downloads are customized to your farm, and not to be shared with others. You are required to sign an end-user license agreement.

Customizing with your logo is included. Professional care is taken for excellent brand reproduction. Talented humans are involved in this process:)

Your downloads will be proofed first with your logo in place. You will have a chance to view, and make any edits required, before approving the files. Final production downloads are supplied in high resolution, with cut lines for CNC routers. Our team is available for support, if your local suppliers needs to discuss file requirements or production specs. 

Need something Unique? Contact us about your custom project.

MacArt Manufacturing is still in full swing!

MacArt Studios is working to expand the game manufacturing, and expand on our collection of unique, and innovative experiences for our attraction partners.  New games are being developed and designed, and all the old faves are still being made in-house by the team you can trust.

We can still manufacture your signs on request. e-mail us to request access to the sign collections as shippable product.