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Punny to the Core ūüćé a Seek & Find Tractor Ride.

Punny to the Core ūüćé a Seek & Find Tractor Ride.

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This is a simple, Apple themed 'Seek & Find' game, that adds some memorable fun to your wagon rides. 

Provided with the game set:

  • 1 Game sign to engage your guests into play¬†(24" x 36").¬†

  • 6 Punny Characters. 48" tall¬†- made out of aluminum composite to last many many seasons. Easily install anywhere along your tractor ride. More or less hidden.. the choice is yours.¬†
  • Tractor signs with QR code to game instructions. (10" x 10" each)¬†

These materials can last you for years of easy, add-on theming & fun. Your guests will have a great time searching for these Punny Characters along the way. 

Customizing with your logo is included. Professional care is taken for excellent brand reproduction. Talented humans are involved in this process:) More info here. 

Full Service Downloads: Your downloads will be proofed first with your logo in place. You will have a chance to view, and make any edits required, before approving the files. Final production downloads are supplied in high resolution, with cut lines for CNC routers. Our team is available for support, if your local suppliers needs to discuss file requirements or production specs. More info on the process. 

Add a contest:  Ask about our add-on Contesting page (mobile friendly) for guests to track the characters as they find them, and provide their info to enter your contest. You will determine contesting details and approve the mobile page. Extra Fees apply. 


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